The Black Ram Arena

Light, Lich, Shirogane, Ward 15, Plot 53

Welcome to the Black Ram Arena. Here the mightiest warriors from all over the world can test their strength against powerful monsters, fight while mounted or face eachother.

This is a bi-weekly event taking place of Thursdays at 5pm ST, interchangable with the Elysium fight club

    Fighting Rules

    The Basics

    The most basic of rules you might already know from places such as the Elysium fight club but here's a rundown:

    A typical player versus player match starts with both players rolling by using the /dice command in a party chat with the venue organisers, away from the eyes of the public to decide who starts first. This is called a roll for initiative.
    After the initiative roll, the player who won the roll, starts his attack by describing it in the chat, usually by /emote or /shout chat and then rolls the /dice yet again. The other player rolls as well for defense. If the attacking player's roll was higher than the defender's, he scores a hit. Otherwise it's a miss. The defending player reacts accordingly in the /emote or /shout chat and now it is his turn to attack.The fight goes on until any of the two players scored three hits on the other one.

    After a period of 45 minutes the fight is considered to last too long and the fighters will undergo one deciding roll of "sudden death" to know who is the victor of the fight and depending on the current score of the fight.

    Jousting combat

    "Jousting" combat works just as regular combat except the players are mounted. Standard rules apply mechanics-wise.
    In terms of In-character reactions though, the one that drops off the mount, loses. This means that throughout combat the players react how they try to dismount the other oponent and at the same time try not to touch ground themselves.

    The fights take place on the long arena on the outside of the venue since you cannot mount inside.

    Monster fighting

    Man vs monster. Register yourself to fight outside against a monster or volunteer to be a monster yourself! Standard rules apply except your opponent is me (or another player who wills it) RPing as a monster of choice that's a mount. These fights are going on in the open air jousting arena.

    One vs Many

    A special mode and the most complex feature of the venue. In this mode one character fights against a group of others all the way up to 4 at most, but the lone fighter will have a selection of special skills to mechanically aid him in the fight and make it an interesting show for everyone to witness.
    These skills are available for preview at one of the buttons below.

    These fights take place inside the venue, in the underground arena.

    Mjern Hyskaris

    Long time fighter, fiersome axe-wielder and known bounty hunter. Mjern established the Black Ram Arena to gather round those who wish to always test their skills and grow ever stronger.

    Doctrina Lesrekta

    Reticent but kind older viera. Expert on Doman healing arts and medicine, self-taught botanist and alchemist, avid traveler and seeker of knowledge. She's seeking a way to undo a hundred years old curse. Please do not freak out if she suddenly starts growing fur.

    Kairi Satomi

    An experienced fighter who favors the katana with a shadowed past. Kairi jumps at any opportunity to test her abilities and expand her knowledge be it in battle or whilst commentating during bouts.

    Venue Rules

    1. No fighting outside of the two designated arenas.
    2. No OOC drama. Take it into PMs.
    3. This is not an 18+ venue, which means no NSFW content, ERP or anything of the like.
    4. Friendly suggestions are always welcome. Feel free to adress them to Mjern Hyskaris or on discord to Smoku#3688.
    5. We're open for collabs with and advertisement of other venues we deem our friends. Please refrain from advertising a venue unless you get a permission from Mjern.
    If you wish to be announced as a sponsor, feel free to talk about it with Mjern.
    6. Avoid using the /yell chat since it's used by the organisers and commentators.
    7. This is strictly an RP venue, keep OOC talks and comments to a minimum and in brackets in the chat.
    8. Since lots of the fights are going on outside, it'll be commonplace to see non-RPers come over see what's the commotion about. Pay them no mind or politely explain them on PM what's going on if you feel like it. Avoid arguments and insults. While outside use /em for battle emotes to avoid disturbing the neighbors.
    9. Drink the potions you are served when playing as the One.

    Fighting against a group of characters that mechanically work the same way as you is hardly fair. So the One character receives Boss-like skills to aid him in this endevour to make the fight a show worth remembering.
    Skill names mean nothing IC-wise, they're there only for the sake of ease of use to communicate which of these the One player chooses for his fight.


    Number of Skill points to distribute goes up with the number of people against the One.
    2 enemies- 5 points, 3 enemies- 12 points, 4 enemies- 15 points
    You can pick any number of skills as long as you stay within the point limit

    The One has 4 hitpoints+ 1 for each enemy.
    The Many have 3 HP each. In 4v1 the Many have collective HP total of 8. Droping to 5 HP the number of Many is reduced to 3. Droping to 3HP reduces the number of Many to 2. And finally droping to 1HP reduces Many to the last player standing against the One.

    Skill nameDescriptionPoint costSpecial
    MightAll your attacks affect two enemies instead of one (One roll vs 2 targets)5Can't take with "Great Speed"
    Burst of AggressionOnce through the entire match your attack affects two enemies at once (One roll vs 2 targets)1Can't take with "Might"
    Berserker's rageWhen you drop to 1 Hit point left, you deal double damage.4 
    UnleashOnce your every three turns you can unleash an aoe attack against all enemies at once (no speed skills accelerate you in terms of turn count)3Can't take with "Ruthlessness"
    RuthlessnessOnce your every three turns you can unleash an attack flurry aimed at a single player attacking him twice in a row in succession. (no speed skills accelerate you in terms of turn count)3Can't take with "Unleash". If you hit more targets than one, pick only one target that gets hit twice.
    Curse- AttackYour enemies' attack rolls count -100 from their results3Can't take with "Curse-Defense"
    Curse- DefenseYour enemies' defense rolls count -100 from their results3Can't take with "Curse-Attack"
    Blessed attackWhile above 50% HP your attack rolls count as +1002Can't take with "Curse-Attack" or with "Blessed Defense"
    Blessed defenseWhile above 50% of hp your defense rolls count as +1002Can't take with "Curse-Defense" or with "Blessed Attack"
    Fast-paced combatBoth you and the Many receive +100 on attack rolls1 
    DodgingEnemies need to roll above 200 when attacking to hit4 
    Burst of SpeedYou get to attack twice in a row one time in the whole fight. You can't attack the same enemy twice in a row. (if you are fighting 1v3, the extra attack hits 1 oponent if you use Might. When down to 1v1 you only attack the same character once!)1Can't take with "Great Speed"
    Great SpeedYou attack twice in a row every turn. You can't attack the same enemy twice in a row.(when down to 1v1 you only attack the same character once!)5Can't take with "Burst of Speed" or "Might"
    Curse of ChaosEnemies you manage to hit get a -100 to their attack roll on their next turn. But enemies you miss receive a +100 on their next attack roll instead.2 
    Curse of FeintsEnemies you miss get a -100 on their next attack roll, but enemies you manage to hit get a +100 on their next attack roll instead.2 
    InitiativeYou don't need to roll for initiative, you start first.1 
    Delayed StrikeDon't roll for initiative. You start last but your first hit roll counts as +1001 
    Growing precisionEach time you miss, you get a cumulative +100 to attack. This bonus resets back to 0 once you land a hit (Counter hits do not count for this bonus)3 
    LuckYou negate one winning attack roll against you (treat it as a miss) once for the entire fight2 
    Final RebukeYou instantly counterattack the character that reduced you to 1 HP. No extra skills or modifiers count, just a normal attack.1 
    PerfectionOnce per fight you can declare one attack against one target as successful even if you'd miss.2 
    Executionif you roll above 900 and win while attacking, your strike counts as 2 hits instead of 1 (You need to roll 900 or more and win the roll, buffs don't count)3(If you hit more than one target, choose only 1 for the extra damage)
    FinisherWhen you deal a finishing hit, you RP out the reaction instead of the character that got hit. A real finishing blow! In exchange if you lose, The Many get to do a group finisher.0RP-ing only. No killing. The Many do a finisher with whoever's still standing.
    StunWhen you manage to hit an oponent, he cannot move his next turn. In case of hitting more than 1 target, pick one stunned enemy.4Doesn't work when the fight is down to 1v1
    RetaliationOnce per round if your defense roll is within 200 below of the enemy's attack roll, you can immediatelly counterattack. This doesn't count as your turn. (It's actual numerical values, not taking bonuses to account)3Can't pick with "Counterattack"
    CounterattackOnce per round if your defense roll is within 200 above of the enemy's attack roll, you can immediatelly counterattack. This doesn't count as your turn. (It's actual numerical values, not taking bonuses to account)3Can't pick with "Retaliation"
    Last StandWhen your hp drops to 0, you unleash one last aoe attack against the Many. If it KOs them all, you win. If not, you lose.2 

    If you wish to sign up to take part in the event as a fighter, simply PM Mjern Hyskaris either in-game or by discord at Smoku#3688.
    You can sign up for whichever attraction you wish to fight in. If you don't have anything specific in mind, you'll be randomly selected to take part in a game mode.
    The "One vs Many" mode is going to be limited by the number of contestants signing up as either the One or the Many.
    If too many "Ones" apply, the priority will be given to the ones that signed up faster and you'll be informed by Mjern about any change in scheduele.


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